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    Gold Rooms Guide



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    Gold Rooms Guide

    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:06 pm

    Easy gold room farming:
    There's no much since HP of the mob inside the easy gold room farm is only 20HP
    Best job to use is Warlock and use Jack frost and use @warp.

    Extreme Room Farming (REBALANCED)
    Best Job to use : Star Gladiator
    Use any level of feeling
    (Level 1 = Warmth of The Sun, Level 2 = Warmth of The Moon, Level 3 = Warmth of The Stars)

    +8, +9, +10 Black Set: Cramp Card, 4 Seyren, 1 Carat Card (EDP) (DONT USE VANBERK OR ELSE YOUR THANATOS CARD WON'T AFFECT YOUR DAMAGE)
    (Black kaho, black fin helm, black bag)
    Ledger of Death : Thanatos, 2 Abysmal Knight, Orc skeleton card
    Optional Weapon Cards: Scorpion Card, Desert Wolf Card
    Valk Armor : 2 Gloom under the night card
    Valk shield: 2 Cornus card
    +9, +10 Valk shoes: 2 Antique Firelock solder card
    Power Cloak: 2 Giant Whisper card
    2 Merchant Figure : 3 Mantis 1 Tarou card
    350 Str Dex 150 Agi (Never use luk)
    Use Level 6 Warm Wind. Level 1 Hatred on porings, and Use Warmth of Sun

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