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    Midgard mask [2] (1st woe item) prize for all who participated to our 1st Official WoE.
    Everyday woe! (9-10PM)
    Monday - Fadhgridh
    Tuesday - Swanhild
    Wednesday - Skoegul
    Thursday - Gondul
    Friday - Bamboo Grove Hill
    Saturday - Bright Arbor
    Sunday - Kreimhild
    New main town! Rune Town (harpin)
    New NPC locations
    Mapflag: Mid part of the new main town, you cannot make a chat room and a vend.
    Instance warper = Mall, Quest, Vend rooms.
    Guild package is now available!
    Donations are now available
    Donation Rate is 1 Peso = 1 Pod , 1$ = 40 Pods
    (For supporting server expenses, better hosting and for harmony)
    DONATION PROMO! (Applicable until august 10 only)
    Donation worth 1k or 25$ = 1 Exclusive Donator's Costume Item (+3% HP SP)
    Donation worth 1.5k or 37.5$ = 2 IG Cards of choice + GodSet + Exclusive Donator's Costume (+5% HP SP)
    Donation worth 2k or 50$ up = (1.5k Promo) + 1 Pod per 20 pesos or half a dollar.
    Incoming projects:
    Lhz_dun04 implementation, Premium ticket shop! Enhance Valkyrie Helm and wings (v2) Quest Series. Costume items (V4P Only)

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