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    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:02 pm

    Rebalancing of Extreme farming room. Due to easy farming using minstrel
    estimated 10k RC per 15 minutes.
    HP Increased from 50m to 150m
    Added class restriction to extreme farming room. (Ranger & Minstrel)
    Drops 3 Rune coin now (before it was 2)
    Best job to use now is Star Gladiator. Use Shadow element in WarmWind
    Carat card now gives Star Gladiator level 1 Enchant Deadly Poison.
    Tips: Use hatred on mobs and Use Warmth for more damage.
    Black Set (Black kaho, black fin helm, black bag SET) now gives 20% Autocast level 5 Axe Kick and Roundhouse Kick
    ( Most efficient headgear set to use in extreme farming room)
    3-5 Seconds mobkill inside Extreme Farm room.
    Deviling Card now gives 25% Resist to neutral and recieve 25% more damage from other property attacks.
    Carat Card : gives level 1 edp to star gladiator job ONLY!
    Tao Gunka Card: Gives 50% more hp to extended class (Ninja, SL, SG)
    **Reduced gold drop from easy farm and added extreme gold room drops.

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