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    PVP Resist Guide



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    PVP Resist Guide

    Post by jnsoo123 on Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:37 am

    PVP Resist Guide:

    Top Headgear: Resist HG Dolls (Ex. Amistr Doll, Leaf cat Doll, Colored Meow Hats), If your character have High HP, you could use enhanced Valk for damage purposes.

    Middle Headgear: Resist - Long pipe, Physical Damage - Black Flame, Magic Damage - Fallen Ghost, Long Range Damage - Blue Flame

    Lower Headgear: Resist Wings (Ex. Neon Demon Wings, Bloody Butterfly Wing, Deviling Wings)

    Armor: Brynhildr or any elemental armors - If you need HP, use 2 Tao Gunka Cards, if not, 1 Ghostring 1 Tao Gunka Card or 1 Angeling 1 Tao Gunka Card (Not Applicable in Elemntal Armors)

    Shield: Resist - 2 Cranial V.Shield, Reflect - 2 Maya Platinum Shield

    Weapon: If your character could equip Grimtooth, Use it. So that you could put up some high vit without having a high def. (Max def preferred around 80-120)

    Manteau: Aesprika or any custom cloak with 2 Raydric Card or 1 Jakk 1 Marse Card for elemental resist.

    Shoes: Sleipnir or Valkyrie Shoes with 1 Amonra (need to have 99 base int) + any card that adds 10% HP. (Ex. General Egnigem Card).

    Accessories: Any Megs or Figs with either 4 errende ebecee or 4 alligator card, or 2 ea.

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