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    GX guide -CI Type



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    GX guide -CI Type

    Post by clyde1 on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:00 am

    Guillotine Cross build - Cross impact type


             Upper headgear
                                Resist gears (e.g. Amistr doll, Kobold doll, Leaf cat doll, Double Bunny) or Enhanced Black VH

             Mid headgear
                                Long pipe or Black flame

             Lower headgear
                                Bloody butterfly Wings/Deviling Wings/Neon Evil Wings

             Right hand
                                +10 Nagan/+10 Grimtooth (*Note: Nagan for more damage; Grimtooth if you want to add high vit)
                                +10 Ice Pick (*Note: Switch to ice pick when foe has high def)

             Left hand
                               +10 Nagan, Platinum shield, Valkyrie Shield <-- Switching

                               1 or 2 Brynhild

                               +10 Aesprika (I recommend 2 pcs of Aesprika for switching)


                                2 Megingjards


             Upper headgear
                                2 Kiel Cards

             Mid headgear
                                1 Kiel Card and 1 Maya Purple Card

             Lower headgear
                                Resist cards (e.g Leaf Cat Card, Leib Olmai Card, Permeter Card, Giant Hornet Card, Giearth Card & etc.)

             Right hand
                                2 Turtle General Cards + 2 Hydra Cards for Nagan,Grim, and Ice Pick

             Left hand
                               2 Turtle General Cards + 2 Hydra Cards for Nagan
                               2 Thara Frog Cards for Platinum Shield and Valkyrie Shield

                               2 Tao Gunka Cards or
                               1 Ghostring Card + 1 Tao Gunka Card or
                               1 Angeling Card + 1 Tao Gunka Card

                               Resist Cards (e.g Noxious Card, Myst Card, Marse Card, Dustiness Card, Jakk Card & etc.)

                               2 General Egnigem Cenia Cards or
                               1 General Egnigme Cenia Card + 1 Amon Ra Card                          

                                Bahala na kayo


    • Str = 350
    • Agi = 195 aspd
    • Vit = 120-130 def
    • Int = 1
    • Dex = rest
    • Luk = exactly 300 (including +)

    Learn to switch.
    Always use weapon + shield. Only use 2 weaps if you feel safe or if you can tank damage.
    For switching to ice pick/other weaps -> For example, you're equipped with Nagan + Platinum shield and you want to switch to Ice pick + Platinum Shield, you should do this: Equip Infiltrator > Equp Platinum Shield > Equip Ice pick. Pero pede din naman alt Q> double click nagan > Equip Ice pick  para mas mahirap.
    SHR to kaya matuto kayo mag resist

    Kung may tanong kayo itanong nyo lang sa thread na to

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    Re: GX guide -CI Type

    Post by jnsoo123 on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:09 am

    Galing to sa best GX sa server. WAH

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