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    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:03 pm

    MVP Limit increased from 5 to 10
    Miniboss limit increased from 10 to 20.
    Extreme Farm Room.
    Class restriction applies to Shadow Chaser, Ranger, Minstrel
    (Due to abuse)
    Reduced extreme poring hp from 150m to 100m (Approx 2-3 sec per mob)

    IG Cards are now available! (V4P System) (Prontera 185,209)
    FCP,Assumptio, Indestructible,WarmWind, Enchant Poison, Improve Conce, Concentrate, Defense Cards.
    Voting system is now fixed!
    20 vote per voting site. 12 hours cooldown
    100 RC to RC Box exchanger is now available. (Prontera 136,186)
    Increased dropped rune coin by extreme poring.
    Reduced 10% hp of extreme poring.
    Skynet blow procs with str now from agi
    Sonic blow (Injustice card or Ifrit Set) doesnt cancel normal attacks now.
    Forum Fixed!
    Website is now fully functional (All buttons are working)

    Use of RUNE COIN to buy items instead of zeny!

    Skynet blow now procs with STR! (From agi)
    Sonic blow doesnt cancel attacks now.

    Cannot vend on prontera
    Addead Vend Room Warper (Prontera 141, 174)
    NOTE : Rune coin is used, not zeny
    Guides on farming
    Added Emperium Break Test (Prontera 173 176)
    Increased Emperium HP from 68k to 200M.

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